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10 Facts About Me

Howdy folks.

Thanks for visiting Something Blue Boudoir's very first blog post! I'm a little rusty on the writing side, but thought the best way to start this off would be to have a little virtual meet-and-greet. Getting boudoir photos done is a pretty intimate thing, so I'm going to put myself out there, and help you get to know me just a little bit. I'm always game for a coffee date to chat more before your session too (or just to hang out because I need more friends!). Just to warn you, I am a Starbucks girl. Can't help it! I used to work there, before I even started liking coffee so my tastes are irrevocably skewed for better or worse.

So, before I get carried away, here are 10 random facts about me, Jess, the gal behind the camera and this little bridal boudoir biz here in the Twin Cities:

1. I've been a wedding photographer for over 10 years.

I took a few film photography classes in high school and in college, but shot my first wedding my senior year of high school for a family friend. I got paid $50 for the day and that was how it all started. The last 5 years or so I've shot most of my weddings with Bellagala based in St. Paul. Overall, I've got probably around 200 weddings under my belt. That's part of the reason I'm branching out into bridal boudoir, as I love the one-on-one moments with brides early on in the day, but due to time constraints, sometimes less-than-stellar prep spaces, and usually a crowd, it can be hard to capture those really stunning portraits and details. Bridal boudoir gives me time to really focus on the bride and cultivate a magical time for them to really savor this special time between saying "Yes" and "I do."

2. I'm a huge dork.

Totally being honest here. My bio mentioning bad dad-jokes is not a lie. In addition to my questionable taste in humor, I also indulge in loads of nerdiness in my spare time. I'll watch Canadian guys play through video games on youtube for hours on end. If you need to kill about 30 hours, might I suggest the Yakuza 0 playthrough by BestFriends Play? I'm obsessed with the character Majima Goro to the extent of having his costume in my closet on the off chance I'll be brave enough to go to a con someday. I'm also aiming on getting my ham radio license soon, used to build model rockets, and I jam out to classic rock, and love me some classic Star Trek (if it doesn't have Captain Kirk and Spock then it's not Star Trek). I also practice various British accents and memorize Shakespeare monologues, and constantly re-read my vast Stephen King collection. This is just to name a few of my "hobbies." My husband always jokes that he thought *he* was the nerd.

My dad and me on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise

3. I love cats!

I've always had cats since I was a wee one. My first word was actually "mew!" Right now we have two adorable kitties. One is black and fluffy named Miette. She still cries like a kitten, and is obsessed with my husband and one particular string toy that she begs us to play with whenever we are in the same room with it. Our other kitty is Izzie. She is a tortie, has a snaggle-tooth, and grunts instead of meowing. She's my big baby and will snuggle at very specific dedicated times before she needs her space.

4. I got married on a Thursday.

My husband, Brady, and I will be celebrating 7 years of marriage this July. We went slightly non-traditional. Not only did we get hitched on a Thursday, but we also had no DJ, no dance, and only about 35 guests, and our cocktail hour took place before the ceremony, and we served Pizza Ranch chicken! There's no right or wrong way to have your wedding as I know from first hand experience. The only thing that went wrong on our wedding day was losing the car keys. It only took about an hour of searching before my mom found them in the bag they were supposed to be in in the first place. Mom powers? Who knows!

5. I hate getting my picture taken.

I'm getting better over the years with shooting weddings and being the "light test" model for photographers. But I'll still usually make a stupid face (see examples below...very attractive!)! I also try to sign the hubby and me up for photos once a year so I remember how awkward it can be to stand on the other side of the camera. That really helps put me in my client's shoes and keep things as non-threatening and as least awkward as possible for them.

6. I'm Minnesotan, born and raised.

I was raised in Elko, MN and attended school in Lakeville, graduating from Lakeville South HS in 2008 (Go, Cougars. Rawr.). My husband and I moved up to St. Paul in 2013. I did spend one semester living in London for school but aside from that, I'm Minnesotan through and through!

7. I've lost over 80lbs

After about 2 years of lots of walking and counting calories, I've reached a healthy weight, and for the first time ever, a healthy relationship with food. With that, I'm on that weird side of body weight shaming where I've heard that I'm too fat, and been called a scarecrow. Funny enough, I finally reached my goal weight and got healthy after reaching my heaviest weight and being really happy and comfortable in my body. Then the weight loss was just that- weight loss. It wasn't a measurement of my quality as a person. I'm always game to chat if you need some good perspective/encouragement if you're struggling with body image. I've been there and I get it. This is actually the first time I've posted anything about my weight loss as I don't feel like obsessing over "before and afters" is healthy for anyone and I never want my personal journey to be a trigger to derail anyone else's mental or physical healthy journey.

My before-and-after. I wish the green hair was real!

8. I have 3 tattoos.

One is on my inner forearm that says "I am standing here in the middle of this field, and all I can see is this grass and this sky and it is effortless to breathe." My other tattoos are both on my right foot and I got them during the same appointment. They were SO much more painful than my arm! The inside of my foot is the number "9" written in Lord of the Rings Elvish characters, and the outside is the number "19" for the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King (I have refused to watch the poor excuse for a movie adaption) and also our anniversary 7/19/2012.

9. Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade runs through my veins.

This is more of a personal quirk. But plain water is too boring and I've finally stopped drinking pop so its worth it in my book. I've pretty much always have pink water with me and I'm not going to fight it at this point.

10. Sometimes I have nightmares before a wedding or photo shoot.

This doesn't happen before every shoot, but often enough! I've had nightmares where I forgot my camera. Gone to the wrong venue. Missed the first kiss. Had to shoot a wedding on my phone. Dropping my camera. Having everyone at a shoot hate me and leave. I've had them all! I like to think that even after 10 years of shooting professionally I'm still so concerned about doing a good job and making my client happy that it haunts me!

In the studio with my amazing friend/client!

I feel like I've written a novel here, but hopefully you have a little more info on who I am! It's not every day that you bounce around in your skivvies in front of a stranger (yes, that's an invitation to book your session!), but hopefully you can see me as a little more of a friend already. Am I alone in some of these weird facts? Am I the only classic Star Trek nerd around?

Let me know in the comments below:

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